1st Hostel in Buenos Aries

First hostel

Monday 21st November 2011

On Monday we checked into a Spanish school which is in Centro / San Telmo in Buenos Aries. We arrived at midday and jumped into a course that started at 10am, so we missed the first two hours, so consequently I cannot say Hello, Goodbye, thanks and please. Ah well not importante. We are in a class with only one other student. After school we looked for a hostel close to School, and after looking at some good ones we chose a hostel, and booked a dorm. We decided to not stay at the Millhouse as we thought it would distract us from learning as it’s known at the party hostel. We checked in to a hostel on Avenida de Mayo and pissed off to look at some sites. We had pizza with Arturo and his mate and he dropped us off around 1am.

This park looks shit hot.

Tuesday 22nd November 2011

On tuesday we got us bright and early (9am) for school. We smashed down some hostel breakfast and headed out. On returning to the hostel we noticed that most people weren’t speaking spanish, in fact no one was, including the staff. This is when we realised that we had booked into a hostel for Israelis, and we were the only other nationality there. Well fark. I met a few Israelis in Thailand, and I know they love to party very hard. So when in rome, so like the jews do? We boozed on to 3am with the other inmates and covered many topics, played drinking games and learned about a Hebrew culture called drinking, which is quite similar to an Australian custom I’ve heard about.

Wednesday 23rd November 2011

We were pretty smashed up for school in the morning. So we decided not to party to hard again but this only lasted one night.

After protesting with some local folk for better pay and more ceveza we chilled out and cooked up a wicked feed in the hostel for dinner. Steak and a few cevezas. We even hit the sack before 2am. – this is a first for us in Argentina.

We demand reasonable working hours, more ceveza and less shit in our water? Viva la Argentina

Thursday 24th November 2011

We rocked school in the morning. I even did some study the day before. As a reward for being such excellent students, Arturo took us to a night club called Liquid. He suggested meeting up at 8pm, and knowing that he’s a fairly punctual Argentinian we rocked up at 8:50 and only had to wait another 10 minutes for him to turn up. After smashing down 2 for 1 happy hours to midnight (AUD$5 for 2 Quilmes or AUD$7 for 2x Fernet) we rocked out to 3am. It was a pretty good gig. I had to drag Chantelle out of the club. Managed to leave my mobile phone in the cab too. I’ll never see that again!

Does it seem bright in here?

Friday 25th November 2011

Again we were pretty rooted at school but we were invited to a bbq (Asado) by some other students. We rocked up at 4:30 in the arvo and checked into their sweet studio condo in Palermo… BBQ and pool on the roof of course. We even managed to cook some top quality steak.


yep, there is a sun here too.

no, you can’t have a Tim Tam until you finish your 10kg of dead cow.

So the fire goes in that rectangular hole

cows are delicious

lucky I brought my eating shirt along

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