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Mendoza – Argentina

We caught a 13 hour, 8.30pm bus with Andesmar from Buenos Aires to Mendoza. We arrived to beautiful sunny weather, different from the rain and cold we experienced this time in BA. We were approached at the bus station by some kid promoting his father’s hostel. We’d had a look for hostels on the inter […]

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Caraterra Austral – Chile

From the awesome rafting in Futaléufu we wanted to start the Caraterra Austral to head south. There was one bus per week from Futa leaving Sunday at 9am so we bought tickets at CHP$24,000ea (AUD$47ea). The bus was “comun” which means there is no toilet and the seats recline about 5 centimetres. The bus ride […]

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El Bolson

Still travelling with the Argentineans we met on our journey from Refugio Frey to Jakob we spent a couple of days dilly dallying around. A day at Lago Puelo Puelo and the nights cooking at the boys campsite. Javiar is a chef in Buenos Aires and made awesome asado chicken burgers and we smashed out the […]

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Bariloche – Circuito Chico

The Bike Ride We booked our bus ticket to Bariloche from Buenos Aires. The trip is 20 hours so we spoiled ourselves and bought Cama Ejecutivo – which means your seat goes back blah blah degrees (which is actually very important!) and you get fed, like on a flight. The tickets cost $AR 677AR / […]

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Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo We awoke a bit seedy from the night before and lucky we weren’t injured…. Richard went to jump into the top bunk a little tipsy around 3am and smashed straight through, I was supposed to be sleeping on the bottom bunk! So we broke the news to the hostel owners and checked […]

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La Boca

We did a day trip to La Boca. We wandered around for ages (I would estimate we probably almost walked the full distance to La Boca) until we found a bus we could catch to get there. You must have coins to catch the bus here. It’s  $1.20 AR for any trip. it’s so hard […]

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Another day – but with highlights!

We enrolled in Spanish classes today and had our first 2 hour lesson. We now speak Spanglish and randomly throw out Spanish words during conversation. We then walked around to find a hostel…. we didn’t know at the time of booking but we are staying at Estoril which is full of Israeli’s. We are the […]

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Finally in Buenos Aires – 3 days late

Sorry no photos! Soooonnnnn……. We finally arrived in Buenos Aires about 3am local time this morning (Friday), we were supposed to arrive Tuesday but got screwed over by Aerolineas Argentina aka Do NOT fly with us. We flew 14.5 hours from Sydney to Dubai, a 5hr stop over in Dubai, Dubai to Sao Paulo 14.5 […]

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