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Day 3 – Esperance tourist

Today we went out on the water in Esperance to do a classic tourist activity – sight seeing from a boat. Ooo yeah, had a good day on the water, departing at 9am. We were having a few laughs and beers with the skipper the night before, at the Esperance hotel, and he managed to […]

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Day 2 – visiting the rellies and the Esperance pubs.

An important activity here. After catching up with the ‘lations all day… and after 15 cups of instant coffee, we thought we’d extend that buzz all the way to 2am! We smashed down some of my Gran’s awesome food, and headed out for a night at the Pier, Esperance’s premiere night spot… sigh… We rocked […]

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Day 1 – Drive to Esperance

After waking up at 7am with a massive hangover from boozing on with the lads from work, we worked on packing and cleaning up the pad. Thursday night was supposed to be a couple of beers, which turned out to be a bender with dirty 2am Kebabs!! Fantastic night though thanks guys for sticking around. […]

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