Belo Horizonte – Brazil

After Ouro Preto I took the bus to Belo Horizonte to meet with Arturo. Belo Horizonte is the capital of Minis Gerais. I hung with Arturo at Marco’s country house, where we did not much at all. Marco has a small army of staff working for him. We had food cooked and served for us, a driver took us around, the gardeners tended to the estate and the maid washed my clothes. We ate at expensive restaurants at night in Belo while Marco picked up the tab. Arturo and I set up a wifi mesh as a possible payment.

Check this out. Two toilets… how romantic! This was in a house Marco owns. Bazaar.

seriously why?


Belo Horizonte, from the Penthouse, Marco’s part time home.


Oh we went to the “Outback Steakhouse” an Aussie themed restaurant. The most Aussie thing I could see was the prices. Blokes and Sheila’s toilet signs though. They had themed things on the menu such as “Alice Springs chicken”. Who’d eat chicken grown in Alice?

just like Australia hey


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