Rurrenabaque and the Bolivian pampas

15/02/2013 After celebrating carnival in La Paz and a well timed cut-throat shave and a haircut in La Paz, I decide to go to the jungle. So the next morning I was at the airport with a dude called Adrien from Louisiana. We’d met at the Wild Rover, La Paz.

Gonna find me a sexy jungle ape.

At the airport we bumped into Anup and Sachin who had clearly leaned of our plans while staying at the Rover and decided to join in. They also had plans to met Irish mate Ronan in Rurrenabaque a sweet little jungle town in Bolovia. While booking a tour we also met a Mexican named Uriel and our little group had grown to 6 people.

Rurrenabaque madnessss

6 people on the same page! This was turning out to be a absolute ripper. Someone had the foresight to invest in a big bad of Bolivian hippy grade pot, and after a night in Rurrenabaque sick as a dog, we were all seated in the back of a troupie heading out bush.


So 6 of us lads in the back and three other guys sitting in the middle row wearing suspiciously odd clothing – olive green bush outfits, brimmed cotton hats, boots, bino’s around their necks. camera at full readiness.. politely refusing to indulge in low grade Bolivian weed…

Something very odd.

BIRDWATCHERS… no that’s not it… there is something else… something peculiar.

ah that’s it.. the penny drops at:


not just ya typical bird geeks, these guys had a three hour argument over who had seen which bird, when. They were kicked of the reservation because they chose to embrace the digital camera!

Just your typical,10 dudes in a troupie heading out to the jungle, story.

So after a few hours rattling down dusty old tracks, and after only one breakdown, we make it to our point of departure.

Excitement is running high

So 9 of us load all of our junk into this super sweet boat and head off into the Pampas.

Birds Starboard

We didn’t even capsize once. So yeah we see heaps of birds, turtles, mosquitos and various bugs. Despite the enthusiasm of our technology liberated brethren, watching birds is pretty lame, especially when there are things like crocodiles, alligators, cayman, pink dolphins and our crazy guide self named RAMBO!.

pink dolphins were definitely a class act

Swimming with the dolphins was choice.

We jumped into the crocodile/alligator/cayman infested waters to play with the super awesome pink dolphins. We’re in the middle of the Pampas right… miles from anywhere. Fucking awesome. They are super cool. They come up and play with you. One bit my foot. I hugged another. Look they are almost as pink as Adrien’s gay top.

Brazil Amazon Dolphins Slaughtered
stolen pic – see they have a beak.

The dolphins are super cool. After we played with the cute little crocodiles.

who wants a cuddle… Rambo does.


Baby alligator loving it no doubt.

Oh and another super awesome thing happened – we went to a bar after a fruitless search for stupid anacondas and they had this volleyball court – flooded by sketchy leach and crocodile infested jungle waters. The setting for the best 5 a side volleyball game ever played. Absolutely epic, mad leaps into the slippery mud to return the ball lead us to a glorious victory 5-4.

tip-top sunset in the Pampas


World class performance by the winning team and a mexican ring-in.


Greatest game in the history of Volleyball.


more stupid avid bird watching!


We stayed in this shack on stilts above the flood waters. There are crocodiles underneath. There is a cat that lives in the complex to fight the jungle rats, but he suddenly disappears. I have my suspicions.

Sachin and Rambo playing with a tarantula.

We see lots of monkeys and sloths and a porcupine!

heaps of these guys!

A genuine porcupine

Apparently these guys throw there poisonous spines at you when you get to close.

Typical Ex- Armish – Mennonite- avid bird watcher / sloth combination

just swinging by to tell you’all about our imaginary friend.

and for my next trick…

So the jungle was sweet, most of us got out with no ticks, leeches or malaria.

You can fly from La Paz to Rurrenabaque quickly (40 minutes + delays) ( for about  1300Bs / US$200 return) or the more adventurous option – to take the bus which takes about 24 hours, if you make it.

Ask for Rambo – he’s a dude. The 3 day tour cost 550-600 Bs (US$80) including the park fees and it was pickup from Rurrenabaque with food included. You probably want to bring some snacks, and don’t forget the green, it helps scare away the mosquitos.

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