Buenos Aires again

Back in Buenos Aires after the South!

We flew in from Rio Gallegos, from the South back to BA to chill out for a couple of days.
Here are some new discoveries:

Peters was sold to Nestle and they canned the West Australian Twinpole. Outrage you may say! You can see the twin pole here in South America, but the flavor is all wrong damn! If you want to rag Nestle for canning the twinpole, join my mates Facebook group:

“Bring back the twinpole”


To find the best Chori in town, you must find the shacks on the road side! Choripan is a Choritzo in bread with some spicy sauces. After a night at Terrazas del este, an amazing pub / night club in BA you can walk down the highway and fest on a Choripan which does rival the old kebab. Damn I’d kill for a kebab right now, however the Chori is an excellent feed.

When you go to some pubs in BA, you can get just one Fernet for the road. Fernet is tops, but you’ll hate it at first. You need to acquire the taste. Here is us drinking with Sara, cheers. (She hated it! What a wuss)

Fernet yay

Fernet hating

When browsing for a book in BA, you can find this old theater – turned book store. They sell coffee (cafe) at rip of a tourist prices, but the place is stunning.

Selling the tent at Sabatico hostel required a demonstration in the foyer. Such a good hostel. bye bye tent though.


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