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Living in Cordoba – Wine

One of the benefits of living in Argentina – access to awesome cheap wine. A bottle of wine to accompany an awesome pasta meal… around $5, check it out wine geeks. Argentina are famous for Malbec but they do a pretty nice Cab Sav, for AR$35 which is less than 5 Aussie dollars, you can easily […]

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Spending Gringo Money in Argentina

Thanks to the government of Argentina – buying and selling USD is practically illegal in Argentina. Pretty crap for the locals – no one wants their pesos! Christina showing that she has no USD in her pockets. You can sell USD officially at banks and at the airport etc, but they ask you to fill […]

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Avoiding bank / credit card skimming

I know a few travelers have been caught out by card skimming scams. It doesn’t matter where you are, you could be done over, and it is a pain in the ass to get cards reissued when your on the road! (Not to mention the possibility of loosing money and going through the bank’s fraud […]

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