Cusco – 3 days of rafting the Apurimac

  • Swiss raft
  • S/.450 = AUD$165

3 days of rafting the Apurimac river was awesome, unfortunately, the entire group except for one other were Israeli, which meant very little English or Spanish was spoken.

some basic instructions


I booked with Swissraft for S450 / (AU$165) in Cusco. It seems that only Israeli’s take on this kinda adventure. I think there have been some bad reports of this river, ie. broken bones, and a few deaths here and there. Perhaps the ‘Soft Planet’ ragged the river.

The Apurimac has a number of class-5 rapids to make the days fun, and some spectacular scenery. You raft through a massive canyon – no access by road!

We had a 6am start, as the bus ride to the river takes a few hours. After some instructions we hit the water.

más agua blanca?


We hit the rapids for a few hours, and made camp in the valley where some sand exists. My rafting guide was excellent, he knew the river and seemed to know what he was doing, although I suspect he took us down the soft routes in the big stuff.

Breakfast at the first camp

The food was excellent.The supplied equipment in good order generally.

Now a word on most of the others on my trip… holy shit, being all *just* out of the army, I would expect them to be good at this stuff, camping and the outdoors, but that wasn’t the case. They’d talk during the instructions or piss about. They’d ass about for hours when setting up camp or packing up. I couldn’t believe it. On the first morning it seems that someone rolled up the tent incorrectly and it wouldn’t fit in the bag… so it was just left lying on the ground. I fixed it and gave it to the guides which pissed them off because they had to repack the raft. I dropped my sunscreen when I was moving some stuff around, come back to get it.. gone. Found it a couple days later with someone else’s stuff. WTF. Needless to say it was bloody frustrating and surprising. We’d wake up super early to allow time to dick about, instead of getting in the water. I don’t know how the guides cope.

raft up


Despite my frustration, the three days was awesome. I’d recommend it, especially if you can get a good group together before you depart. It’s amazingly beautiful, the company is well ran, and camping along the river is awesome.

Take lots of strong repellant, the mosquitoes are relentless!

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