Day 1 – Drive to Esperance

After waking up at 7am with a massive hangover from boozing on with the lads from work, we worked on packing and cleaning up the pad.

Thursday night was supposed to be a couple of beers, which turned out to be a bender with dirty 2am Kebabs!! Fantastic night though thanks guys for sticking around.

It took us up to 11am to depart Perth on Friday, which was probably due to my inability to function. Thankfully Chan was able to smash out most of the cleaning.

The drive down was fantastic thanks to having some sweet tunes pumping from the iPod, thanks Bankwest Colleagues. The major milestone was us seeing the odometer click over to 200,000km. That.. and spending $15 on two pies from the warmer in Williams, wtf.

Shit! We need fuel again…

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