Florianopolis – Brazil

 Barra beach club (R$40 / night – dorm) – Wicked views, excellent bar, awesome staff!
P12 – pool party! (and Beach activities of course!)

I departed Foz do Iguaçu by bus, which the hostel organised for me. It was a Brazilian version of the Semi-carma buses I had been catching in Argentina, however the bus has 4 seats in a row, instead of 3, and the leg room is sufficiently less. I board the bus for the 18 hr journey and I was thinking I’d have the row to myself, however the bus stopped and picked up people along the way, making the overnight journey to Floripa much less enjoyable – stopping frequently, turning the lights on in the middle of the night and people swapping seats. I did meet an American dude, who managed to hitchhike to South America from New Zealand aboard a sail boat, and an Argentinian guy who helped me with the local buses from Centro Floripa to Barra da Lagoa. I also met a kid who pumped the back of my seat for hours – thanks champ! I hadn’t chosen a hostel by this stage, just the destination… Barra. This is the best place to set up camp from what I had been told. The island is large and it takes many buses to get around it. I bumped into a Aussie couple from Melbourne on the local bus terminal. I’d met them before at the Brazilian consulate in Iguazu. They seems pretty cool so I followed them to a hostel called Barra beach club. The Argentinian I met on the bus from Iguaza helped me navigate the local bus system and later turned out to be a coke dealer – thanks mate!

Barra beach club – What a fantastic hostel. R$40 per night for a dorm bed with towel, the hostel is kick ass, and I would definitely recommend it! It’s on the hill near the beach and surrounded with views of the ocean. It has an access path to a little, more private beach, and they serve a free Caprihina every night at 7pm! They serve dinner every night for ~R$15 and it’s an excellent feed! The hostel is clean, the staff are awesome, the bar is wicked. Highly recommend this place, they even let you use their equipment for free! (Surfboards, sandboards, fishing equipment, umbrellas, snorkels etc)
I spent 7 nights at the hostel, and then I decided to rent a posada (kinda like a apartment – hotel) on the beach for R$80 for two people. (The decision was easier when the hostel was full and I had to leave anyway) Although it could be possible to rent them cheaper, ours had two bedrooms with queen beds and a kitchen and bathroom… needless to say the pad was sweet! Did I mention right on the beach? As I was well established into the hostel family, I was able to use the hostel facilities daily… so I had the best of both worlds!

A view from Barra beach club

So.. Floripa – it rocks! Swimming, surfing, sand boarding, wind surfing, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, & hand gliding. It’s tops. Get on it. Although during the low season the district turns into a ghost town! ie. After Easter – the place is dead!

Heading down for a swim

Carvin’ the sand!

On Easter Sat I went to the famous P12 pool party… and what a show it was. All the rich and famous, pumping music, booze and a massive pool. It’s off the chart, can’t say I’ve seen anything like it before! Funny story – I was not paying attention to the time and I missed my transfer bus back to the hostel! Shit hey, this place is miles away and a cab ride would have been very expensive. I had met some people from another hostel called Sunset. They had a bus leaving, and they told me to jump on with them. When we got close to their hostel, some hostel chick started rudely telling me I must pay money to the bus driver. Guess she was pissed off that I was on their bus. Whatever. I paid the driver R$20 when getting off the bus. Then some hostel staff started giving me crap about not paying, and wouldn’t believe me when I said that I had. It escalated to the hostel owner (nicknamed – Junior) who claimed the bus driver said he didn’t receive money from me. He wrongly accused me of lying and being rude to their staff, which I was neither. Infact he was being a total dick, so I told him I was leaving. Next thing he’s grabbing my neck and trying to push me against the wall. So I payed another R$20 rather than get my head punched in. Yeah nice one tosser. Wonder if hostel bookers will publish my review. Sad end to a wicked evening in the sun.

Food delights

  • Açai – made from the berry, it’s like a smoothie in a way. Unique to floripa and good for you too. Get on it.
  • The alternative to a late night kebab in Floripa is a late night street vendor hotdog. It’s an experience, they put corn and peas on it too. Get one after midnight for best effect!

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  1. rich April 17, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    so I got a FB message today:
    God knows how he found my FB

    Junior NXXX

    Feel sorry for you man, wasting your time writing reviews on every webpage you can find. They already are warned that you never stayed here, and lso about your behaviour at our home. try to spend your time doing something else and not trying to blame me and prejudicate my business for the atitud you had. Or stay home untill yuo grow.

    Link to the review:

    • rich April 18, 2012 at 12:23 pm #

      another email from HB. Must have stirred up the hornets nest here?

      From: CustomerHelpdesk – HostelBookers
      Subject: FW: Review from a no show customer
      Date: 18 April 2012 5:19:48 AM GMT-03:00
      To: Richard McKenna

      Hi Richard

      I hope this email finds you well.

      As you can see below we have received an email from Backpackers Sunset informing us that you have left a review but you didn’t stay there. Can you please confirm by no later than Friday 20/04 if you have slept or not in this hostel?

      If you need any help don’t hesitate to contact us.

      Kind regards


      Did you like my reply? Please tell us what you think by clicking here http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5PP25BY

      Flavia Borella | Customer Service Advisor | HostelBookers.com Ltd
      e: CustomerHelpDesk@hostelbookers.com | t: +44 (0)20 7406 1800 | f: +44 (0)20 7406 1801
      52-54 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6RL
      Registered Number: 2841908 England

      In order for us to provide a quick response to your enquiry please do not delete any previous e mail history

      Travel safely & responsibly. Please consider the environment, before printing this email.

      —–Original Message—–
      From: sunset@backpackersfloripa.com [mailto:sunset@backpackersfloripa.com]
      Sent: 16 April 2012 21:16
      To: CustomerHelpdesk – HostelBookers
      Subject: Review from a no show customer

      Dear partner,

      we recently got a review from a customer that actually didnt stayed at our hostel. As to you can see:

      Booking reference: 39284-6818074
      Name Richard McKenna
      Guests 1
      Room/Bed - / -

      Arrival 12/04/2012
      Departure 13/04/2012
      Nights 1

      Balance 27.00
      Paid 0.00

      Notes (1)
      Restore Booking

      Cancelled Booking
      Reason for cancellation
      No Show
      2012-04-13 00:05:34
      Staff Member

      This person stayed in some other place, and took advantage on one of our tours organized. We took our guests to pool party, called P12, and on the way back he wanted to get lift back on our bus. My manager told him that he could join, but would have to pay R$20 reais for the transfer, which he agree with the price and pay upfront, which he didnt. Arriving at the hostel, he spend about 20 minutes at the bar, and decided to leave the hostel without paying for the transfer. My bus driver and lso my manager warned me that he didnt payed, and didnt want to pay at the bus, where they even got some discussion going on at the bus.
      I told and explained him that he had to pay for it, and wouldnt leave the hostel. Hes behaviour and his drunkness was stressing out such my staff team as our guests that saw what happened before and after. After 15 minutes explaining him, he finally pay what he own and left the hoste.

      I have principles and follow rules at my hostel. Its shame sometimes people from different partss of the globe think they can do everything they want in Brazil, which ends up with arguments and things that good people shouldnt see it.

      I hope you guys can remove this review as again, he didnt stayed here, and try to leave the hostel without paying for something he agree. Every where in the world yuo go to jail if you dont pay for your bill.


      Junior XXX

      Sunset owner

      Backpackers Sunset Team

      Tel:55 48 3232 0141
      Facebook: Backpackers Sunset
      Msn: backpackerssharehousesunset@hotmail.com
      Twitter: Sunset_hostel

      Indicado pela Revista Veja Comer e Beber Eleito 4 melhor hostel do Brasil pelo hostelworld.com Indicado pelo Guia 4 Rodas Recomendado pelo Lonely Planet

  2. rich April 18, 2012 at 12:25 pm #

    From: Richard
    Subject: Re: Review from a no show customer
    Date: 18 April 2012 12:20:10 PM GMT-03:00
    To: CustomerHelpdesk – HostelBookers

    Wow! Sorry, no I didn’t stay there, I just wanted to warn other guests.

    Look to be honest – I don’t care if you don’t publish the review. I’m just worried that something may happen to another guest. I have heard a few stories in my travels from other hostel managers about guests put in similar circumstances to me and I feel that something worse may happen eventually.
    The hostel is nice including the other staff.
    Junior has obviously gone out of his way to discredit me and attack my character – including sending me a disparaging message on Facebook about the review. I’m not really that concerned that he’s saying I was dishonest. I know what happened, I wasn’t drunk or rude to his staff. I’m more concerned that he physically assaulted me over such a tiny dispute, it’s ridiculous.


  3. rich April 18, 2012 at 12:26 pm #

    another reply on FB:


    Feel sorry for you man, wasting your time writing reviews on every webpage you can find. They already are warned that you never stayed here, and lso about your behaviour at our home. try to spend your time doing something else and not trying to blame me and prejudicate my business for the atitud you had. Or stay home untill yuo grow.

    15 hours ago

    sure mate, but I’ve only pubished the facts

    Question – how did you find my FB? cheers, Rich

    12 hours ago

    when you make a booking online, you write down yr email. facebook does make the world seems very small. this is a fact. anyway man, ive been in touch with the websites, and your review will be deleted very soon. cheers

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