Gettin’ a Brazillian visa at Puerto Iguazu – Argentina with an Australian passport

Don’t get your visa in Australia, that’s too hard and too expensive. Here’s what to do:

  • Bring a passport photo from Australia – or organise one in a big city.
  • Print out a copy of your bank balance from you internet banking. Do it in BsAs because Bambu charged me AR$5 per page – what a rip.
  • Go to (accept the dodgy Brazil cert) and fill in your details. Print this form.
  • Bring your airline tickets. I used my return to Australia departing Buenos Aires.

Rock up to the Brazilian embassy with exactly AR$161 before 2pm, it is next to Hostel Bambu. Give them all your stuff. They will be so impressed with you, they will issue your visa – no questions asked. If you think your visa application is a bit shakey, it might not hurt to rock up with AR$200.

I never booked any hostels on the Brazillian side, they never asked what I would be up too. Easy.

I got my visa in about 24 hours, but they say it can take a couple of days, so start the application as soon as you can.

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