La Paz – Bolivia

Crazy La Paz, the capital of Bolivia!

I rolled into La Paz on my birthday after a freezing bus overnight bus ride from Potosi to La Paz! Remember folks, bring blankets or something for the bus! I sat next to an intelligent Bolivian mining engineer, and we spoke about politics and things in Spanglish. It was pretty cool to practice and Bolivians are generally easy to understand.

The bus managed to roll into La Paz a couple of hours early, so instead of getting in at 8am, the sun was just rising at 6am. I cabbed it to the Loki, where I couldn’t check-in to 2pm, so I had to waste time at the bar in the Loki. I managed to get in contact with an Israeli mate, I met in Rio, and we decided to go out to Valley of the Moon for a look. (Valle Luna)

… worth it …

Hiring motorbikes are riding as fast as you can. I was too stingy to get the 450 which I regret, the 250 could have used some more poke at the altitude we were at.

local Farmers love it.

Dad always said the faster you go the more you see. Did ya see that? What? Oh back there

yeah right.


We had to go with a guide to show us the way. First thing that happens… cops stop us and demand a license. Cost me a B$10 (AU$1.20) bribe to get outta that one! At fist the guide says we have to take it easy, but he didn’t mind me ripping up it up on the 250, pretty much going as hard as I liked. He even let me take his bike for half the trip.

That evening, I experienced La Paz night life. Made friends with an English couple at the Loki bar, and we went to the Blue Room, which is a dingy Bolivian night club, but the defacto joint for gringos. Top quality.

Death road was another adventure in La Paz, (Bs400). Basically you ride down death road as fast as you can. Death road – in case you don’t know – gained it’s name by being the most deadly road in the world, with over 500 people dying on the road each year. That’s more than one death a day! Cars, buses and trucks full of people would just fall over the edge to their death. An alternative road has been built now which is much much safer, and the old death road is just used for tourism these days…

testing phase.

In the old days it was important to quiz the tour company on the quality of the bikes and breaks etc, but these days, just go with the company offering the coolest free T-shirt. Also, get the suspension, it allows you to go a little faster. I didn’t and I couldn’t keep up with the frenchies that did which annoyed me so much.

initial paved section


the track


photo corner

At the end you get a swim in the pool and a nice lunch. Can’t complain, good day out.

chicks love beer


At the end of death road!

What else in La Paz… other than partying. Oh yeah the Sunday Cholita wrestling. What a laugh. Saw some art galleries, ate some great food, ate some great street food! Got fully sick for a few days. The Loki La Paz is a great place to test out your immune system!

wholesome entertainment


tough guy.

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