Latin American Popcorn

Always thought I’d figure this out one day, the word for popcorn in Spanish is confusing!


have some more pipoca…

in Spain they say ‘palomitas de maí­z’ – (what as in ‘paloma’ – a pigeon?) but in every latin country there is a different word:

Argentina – Pochoclo – they call corn ‘choclo’ instead of Maiz.
Uruguay – pop, pororó
Chile – Cabritas
Colombia – crispetas
Equador - canguil
Bolivia - pipoca
Peru – canchita
Panama - millo

In countries like Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia – popcorn can be brought on the street and is a common snack.

You have to be careful if you want salted or sweet, because sweet is probably more commonly found.

Some people even consider it to be food.

It was possibly invented in Peru, but Chile might steal it

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