Living in Cordoba – Food

Cordoba is Argentina’s second biggest city, about 650km from Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital. Cordoba is smaller, cleaner and cheaper than BsAs, so lets have a look at prices of shopping here:

I went to Mercado Norte, which is the cheaper place to shop in Cordoba. At Mercardo Norte you can find most types of food – well all the food that is typical in Argentina.


Mercado Norte

So the shopping list is pretty basic, planning to make pizzas for some friends and pick up a few veges and meat at the same time:



So I have

2kg Oranges – AR$10
1kg Onions  - AR$4
1 capsicum – AR$15
1kg Carrots – AR$5
Spinach – AR$10
1kg Tomato – AR$15
5 cloves of Garlic – AR$10
2 Lemons – AR$2
30 Eggs – AR$23

1 Kg Osso Buco & 1Kg Aguja – AR$42
200g Salami, 300g - Paleta (like ham) and 1kg Queso Crema (tasteless cheese) – AR$42

Other shopping – Pasta sauce, mayo, olives, pizza base dough, stock, anchovies – AR$105.

Total AR$274 (about AU$36)
Not that bad.

The official exchange rate is much less than the unofficial – blue rates. (See which has the latest rates)

Official – 5.8, Exchange4Free – 8.2, Blue 9. PRICE IN USD.

$ARS Official rate exchange4free Blue at 9
274 $47.24 $33.41 $30.44
1000 $172.41 $121.92 $111.11
5000 $862.07 $609.60 $555.56

more on Exchange4Free soon.

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