Living in Cordoba – Wine

One of the benefits of living in Argentina – access to awesome cheap wine.

A bottle of wine to accompany an awesome pasta meal… around $5, check it out wine geeks. Argentina are famous for Malbec but they do a pretty nice Cab Sav,¬†for AR$35 which is less than 5 Aussie dollars, you can easily get your hand on a decent Cab Sav. This far from boutique factory gem from San Felipe winery – Mendoza has had least 50% of the bottle on american oak for 7 months. Yeah yeah, it’s not french oak, you have to pay a few extra bucks for that privilege but it is delicious,


Cabernet Sauvignon – Roble – 2012

For those heading to Argentina here is a few tips to geek off too:

  • Argentina is the 5th biggest wine producing country, Australia is the 7th.
  • The grape listed on the bottle has to make up 80% of the contents – compared to 85% in Oz.
  • Roble has at least 50% on oak for over 3 months
  • Reserve has at least 50% on oak for 12 months (usually french)
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