Cusco – Peru

Cusco is the home of the tourist. The central streets are line with stores and services to cater for the tourist population, and you can pay any price to stay and see Muchu Piccu. For example, the most expensive hotels rival the prices of New York, while the cheapest dorms are dirt cheap. You can […]

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La Paz – Bolivia

Crazy La Paz, the capital of Bolivia! I rolled into La Paz on my birthday after a freezing bus overnight bus ride from Potosi to La Paz! Remember folks, bring blankets or something for the bus! I sat next to an intelligent Bolivian mining engineer, and we spoke about politics and things in Spanglish. It […]

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Sucre – Bolivia

  Sucre, Bolovia is the admin capital of Bolivia, and a nice town to visit. It has a sweet plaza in the centre of town and some colonial buildings. Chantelle and I arrived by bus from Potosi, and cabbed it to the hostel recommended on hostel world only to realise it was full. So we […]

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Potosi – Bolivia

Recommended: Kola den hostel Do: the mine tour After our private charted bus dropped us off, we jumped in a cab and headed to the Kola den hostel. This was recommended to us by some randoms we met in the desert and it was a bloody good recommendation. The hostel is great, even has heating!! […]

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Atacama desert and the Salt Flats – Bolivia

The Atacama desert and the Uyuni salt flats are a highlight of many travelers, so we started this tour with high expectations. We were picked up at 7am buy a big bus to take us to the border of Chile and Bolivia. The immigration for Chile is in town, so we were literally driven a block […]

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San Pedro de Atacama – Chile

Rocks! Lots of them. The pass from Argentina to Chile is high and the border crossing is an odd one. The bus leaves early in the morning from Salta, and crosses the border after about 7 hours or so. You stamp out of Argentina and do another couple of hours in no mans land before […]

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Salta – Argentina

So we decided to hit the road and smash up Salta for awhile. We were told some bad weather was coming in, and the border to Chile was already under snow, so we thought it would be a sweet time to depart Salta – that, and there is only one bus option from Mendoza to […]

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Mendoza – Argentina

We caught a 13 hour, 8.30pm bus with Andesmar from Buenos Aires to Mendoza. We arrived to beautiful sunny weather, different from the rain and cold we experienced this time in BA. We were approached at the bus station by some kid promoting his father’s hostel. We’d had a look for hostels on the inter […]

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Salvador – Brazil

So I jumped on a plane from Belo to Salvador for AUD$112 and booked into Che Lagato in Barra (R$25 per night), near the beach in Salvador. I took the bus from the Airport to the hostel, “Priaia de Se” – a R$3 bus that is awesome. It takes you straight past all the beaches […]

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Belo Horizonte – Brazil

After Ouro Preto I took the bus to Belo Horizonte to meet with Arturo. Belo Horizonte is the capital of Minis Gerais. I hung with Arturo at Marco’s country house, where we did not much at all. Marco has a small army of staff working for him. We had food cooked and served for us, […]

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Ouro Preto – Brazil

This is a quaint little colonial town, set in the hills in the state of Minas Gerais, which during the gold boom was home to 110,000 people in the days when New York was only 50,000 and Rio de Janeiro was only a baby at 20,000. This town has contained it’s charm by having virtually […]

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Impossible to get head in Brazil!

seriously! So I’ve been drinking various lack-luster beers for 4 months now. Argentina – Quilmes, Uruguay – Pilsen & Chile – Crystal but Brazil you have to take the cake. Skol 360 – tasteless and bland. Perfect! The high pour   the Result… nothing   Skol 360 – designed to not give head. On a […]

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Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Recommended: Climb sugarloaf and catch the free cable car home after 6pm. Drink on the street and on the beaches, pubs and clubs are expensive. Do: Eat on the street, It’s cheap and safe enough. Hotdogs, Tapioca, Agua de Coco etc. It’s all good. Rio Rio Rio!! The most famous South American city? Know for […]

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Florianopolis – Brazil

 Barra beach club (R$40 / night – dorm) – Wicked views, excellent bar, awesome staff! Do: 
P12 – pool party! (and Beach activities of course!) I departed Foz do Iguaçu by bus, which the hostel organised for me. It was a Brazilian version of the Semi-carma buses I had been catching in Argentina, however the […]

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Foz do Iguaçu – Brazil – ITAIPU hydroelectric dam

Recommended: Bambu hostel – sweet digs Do: The dam So.. first day in Brazil with my shiny new Visa. I checked into the Bambu hostel… and it is sweet. Totally recommend staying here R$35 (AUD$18.50) abet a bit pricey.. but I have no idea what things should cost here. The hostel has a sweet common […]

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Puerto Iguazu Argentina and Igauzu falls

Recommended: nothing in particular. I hear the Hostel inn is awesome, you can catch the bus there – same one as the falls. Do: The Falls of course! Igauzu falls are amazing – believe the hype. I took the 18hr bus from Retiro – Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu with Via Baraloche for AR$567 for […]

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Buenos Aires again

Back in Buenos Aires after the South! We flew in from Rio Gallegos, from the South back to BA to chill out for a couple of days. Here are some new discoveries: Peters was sold to Nestle and they canned the West Australian Twinpole. Outrage you may say! You can see the twin pole here […]

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Puerto Williams – Chile

 Fernandez Campbell from Ushuaia (US$125 pp) Do: 
The trek and camp – it’s free, remote and beautiful. You can camp close to town and avoid paying for a hostel too. Ask about the weather and snow conditions though. Go to the pub, speak to everyone – see if you can scam a ride on […]

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