Another day – but with highlights!

We enrolled in Spanish classes today and had our first 2 hour lesson. We now speak Spanglish and randomly throw out Spanish words during conversation. We then walked around to find a hostel…. we didn’t know at the time of booking but we are staying at Estoril which is full of Israeli’s. We are the […]

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Buenos Aries – Hanging with Arturo

For the past few days we have been hanging with Arturo, and staying at his pad in Mataderos in Buenos Aires which is in the capital city in Argentina. Arturo has been able to translate and look after us while we have been here, but we must learn the language starting tomorrow. We are going […]

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Finally in Buenos Aires – 3 days late

Sorry no photos! Soooonnnnn……. We finally arrived in Buenos Aires about 3am local time this morning (Friday), we were supposed to arrive Tuesday but got screwed over by Aerolineas Argentina aka Do NOT fly with us. We flew 14.5 hours from Sydney to Dubai, a 5hr stop over in Dubai, Dubai to Sao Paulo 14.5 […]

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Day 15 – 16: Flight to Buenos Aires… Cancelled

So we were meant to fly from Sydney to Buenos Aries via Auckland on Tuesday the 15th of November… however those Argentinean fellas in BA started striking over the old too much work, not enough safety check blah blah blah… So here we are again in Sydney Airport. yay. Instead of traveling in a relatively […]

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Day 6 – more driving (Nullarbor)

Yep, more driving. More refuelling. I’m updating this from the car. We’re approaching Snowtown , and Chantelle is probably contemplating some kind of serial killing… since she is a born n bred South Australian.   No, I didn’t kill Richie. Yet. Did manage to stop in at Snowtown and get a cheeky photo of the […]

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Day 3 – Esperance tourist

Today we went out on the water in Esperance to do a classic tourist activity – sight seeing from a boat. Ooo yeah, had a good day on the water, departing at 9am. We were having a few laughs and beers with the skipper the night before, at the Esperance hotel, and he managed to […]

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Day 2 – visiting the rellies and the Esperance pubs.

An important activity here. After catching up with the ‘lations all day… and after 15 cups of instant coffee, we thought we’d extend that buzz all the way to 2am! We smashed down some of my Gran’s awesome food, and headed out for a night at the Pier, Esperance’s premiere night spot… sigh… We rocked […]

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Day 1 – Drive to Esperance

After waking up at 7am with a massive hangover from boozing on with the lads from work, we worked on packing and cleaning up the pad. Thursday night was supposed to be a couple of beers, which turned out to be a bender with dirty 2am Kebabs!! Fantastic night though thanks guys for sticking around. […]

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Almost ready to depart…

We have been busy making plans to depart Perth and travel South America backpacking for a year. This is our last weekend in Perth and we have spent some time with friends. Over the last 2 months we have been planning and preparing to travel, and even though we don’t have a much of an […]

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