Punta del Este

Punta del Este – The Gold Cost of Uruguay

Yeah it’s expensive, so we stayed a few days. Pretty cool, we checked into this dingy hostel initially called the 1949 hostel, which is ‘sposed to be really cool. It has a bar downstairs and is meant to throw good parties. Sadly we were too destroyed from Montevideo to enjoy it. That, and the reception was average, the dorm dingy and the shower cold. Also the water from the shower leaked into the dorm floor.. and USD$20 a night! We only stayed one night there.

Yep, destroyed!

We checked out of the shitty 1949 hostel and walked a fair way to find another one. We passed this interesting statue and thought it may be worthwhile a shot. Apparently it’s a tourist attraction.

We found a hostel and spent the next few hours walking into and around town looking for a bike hire shop… we finally found one at 2pm and the bikes were US$10 per hour each or $25 ea for a full day. Unfortunately a full day was return at 6pm. But lucky for us the dude gave us, as he called it, a Christmas present, and said we could return them the same time the next day! Score!

Bi-cy-cle! Bi-cy-cle! I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike!

We were stoked to be able to get around a lot quicker and rode down along the coast, we came to the wharf….. enter Sea Lion!!

Check out this dog trying to take on the sea lion bull. Pretty funny, we were going for a bike ride and we saw three sea lions in the water… next thing the bull jumped out of the water to teach a dog a lesson or two. I missed the best of the action but you get the idea. It was secretly hoping a dog would jump into the water.


After a few hours and many reapplications of sunscreen we realised that we were getting a little red. The suncream we had been using was only 20+ and I think it says it only last for 20 minutes – this shit was from Bali! Hence the painful sunburn we scored.

We rolled back into F&F Guesthouse on sunset and made friends with our housemates… a couple of poms who study in Chile and about 10 thousand Australian bogans originating from Sydney to Adelaide. Since our hostel had a bar we weren’t allowed to bring booze in, so we bought a couple of beers then popped down to the supermercado and purchased a nice big bottle of Vodka and some coke and smashed that down with our Chorizo for dinner.

The rest is history.

Chantelle hanging with Horatio

Horatio with one of his two bitches

Don’t want to get too close for a photo!



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