Queenstown – New Zealand

A quick jaunt to Queenstown, in order to snowboard, was on the cards and I took the offer. Sadly the snow fall was very poor this season (2012) and as the disappointing snow reports came in we decided to go anyway.

I jumped on a a DeathStar flight, with the board and equipment borrowed from my brother and his girlfriend! Thanks Jamie & Erica!! I managed to swap my seats at the check in counter pioneering a new type of JetSkar scam – you can get the best seats in the plane by making a late minute change – it seems that the customers refuse to pay extra for the safety row seats. I asked to sit next to Gavin so they put us in the vacant luxury seating.


Beer at the Moss Lane Hilton!

Gavin had organised to stay with his friend – Brendon, and he put us up in his sweet pad, thanks mate!! The Moss Lane was awesome!
After boozing excessively with Brendon and talking crap most of the night we got up early the next day to hit the slopes for my first crack at snowboarding.

I had a fantastic teacher, Gavin, painfully showed me the very basics of this sport as I slowly learned the art of eating snow in the most creative manners.


Most fashionable man on the snow!




Chair lifts yay – next stop eating snow on the departure ramp.

Heel, toe, heel — face. Sweet I was snowboarding. Shame there wasn’t much soft fresh power around.


Cardrona Lifts.


Cardrona hipsters

It’s not cheap though – a day’s ski pass costs over 100 New Zealand pesos. We stuck to buying half day passes and using the cleaver technique of sneaking through the gates in the morning runs. It worked like a dream.


We tried to go to Milford sound by plane on one of the days, but when we were in the air it became apparent that we were clouded out. The pilot tried a few holes (in the clouds) but the conditions we pretty bad so we only got a bit of a scenic tour – and a big discount on the cost of the ticket.

IMG_1887View from an plane

IMG_1907Another view from an Plane


View from the Moss Lane Hilton


Rocking out.

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  1. Gavin October 7, 2013 at 8:05 am #

    There is a shot of Queenstown there you have named Christchurch, sorry to inform you mate but you have never been to Christchurch.
    When are we boarding next??

  2. rich October 7, 2013 at 8:42 am #

    haha shit, I did name that shot of QT wrong. Whoops, what a dumbass.

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