Rafting the Fu. In Futaleufú for the second best white water in the world, so I’ve been told.


We come to the Fu not knowing what to expect. The lonely planet says to check this place out, and it has good white water rafting. What we didn’t know, was this place is known for class 5 rapids and is ‘sposed to be the 2nd best river in the world.

We came here via Esquel, Argentina, crossing the border at the Futaleufú border crossing. The LP doesn’t explain the crossing very well, these blogs come in handy:



Basically you catch a Jackobson bus from Esquel bus terminal at 6pm (AR56 / AU $12.50 for 2 persons ) (or on some days – 8am) to La Balsa. You go through Argentina departures, then you pay (AR30 / AU $6.75) to get a shuttle through Chile immigration and into Futaleufú. (A cab would cost you AR350 if your impatient)

We arrived and Chantelle was sick, so we opted for the short walk to Alfonso Bed and Breakfast for CHP 8000 / night (AU $16 each).
The next morning, I met a kiwi and a pom that had organised a good raft at 10am through some class 5 rapids. Chantelle was still sick, and I was bored so I decided to go with them. What I didn’t realise, they had organised a good day out.  At (CHP 80,000 / AUD 156) not cheap though.




We hit the water with Condor Fu, who I can highly recommend. Our trip had 4 guys – NZ, UK, Russia and Australia.


The captain of the raft, a Peruvian guide, took us down the most interesting sections of all the rapids, including the Terminator. This is a class 5 rapid, and according to our guide, the middle section had not been rafted with paying amateur customers ever before. After some serious scouting, he decided to take us down the middle in a milestone voyage! We cained it in and the guide was so stoked, he paddled all the flat sections for us for the rest of the trip.

Our boat was accompanied by two kayaks and a cataraft to save anyone that falls out. This happened to everyone except me. (yeah I was holding on)


Short break to take a leap.


the raft

While scouting the river at Terminator, we snapped a few pics of the no.1 kayaker in the world passing us.

The best kyakker

The world’s best.. didn’t even slow down before hitting the Terminator.


Heading down


Heading up




Heading true


the end.. oh yeah lunch was  good too.

The best rapid, in my opinion, was Casa de Piedra (meaning – house of rocks) a technical class 5. Two people fell out on the way through but we got them back in safely. The terminator was also awesome of course.

When buying a trip, ask the guide if they are prepared to take the best lines. Some companies only float the boat through the class 5 sections – or take an easier line.

Chantelle is rafting as I write this…



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