Salta – Argentina

So we decided to hit the road and smash up Salta for awhile. We were told some bad weather was coming in, and the border to Chile was already under snow, so we thought it would be a sweet time to depart Salta – that, and there is only one bus option from Mendoza to Salta – Andesmar and it runs overnight for AR$370. We did waste a night of paid accom though… bad backpacking right there hey.
Salta is in the north of Argentina, close to the Bolivian border, and is a pretty nice town to visit even though there is not that much going on. We stayed for a couple of nights only along with the English girls we met in Mendoza.

Salta: view from the top of the hill

We checked into the hostel called 7 Duendes Base Hostel because some dude was at the bus port and offered us a lift to the hostel, which turns out to be merely a couple of blocks away anyway. After a relatively quiet night we trekked the mountain in town some nice views of the town and went to the museum with the dead Incan children — yep — Incan children retrieved from the mountain and plasticised. The children were supposed to be sacrificed for good harvests and a bag of pretty decent goon. White man decided to dig them up and put them in a little glass cabinet and charge US$10 a pop for a gander. Entrepreneurial hey?
Beside dead babies, Salta has pretty decent food… probably the best in Argentina! Managed to get a couple of tip top empanadas for some loose change which were delicious.
After much discussion, we decided to hike it to San Pedro in Chile to hit the desert – great decision too…

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