Salvador – Brazil

So I jumped on a plane from Belo to Salvador for AUD$112 and booked into Che Lagato in Barra (R$25 per night), near the beach in Salvador.

I took the bus from the Airport to the hostel, “Priaia de Se” – a R$3 bus that is awesome. It takes you straight past all the beaches and hostel.

The hostel has a nice common area, and a dingy dorm. Although the hostel has awesome potential to be a great place, it was sadly dead with only a few people around when I arrived. I managed to make a few friends who took me out on the town on the night I arrived…
We went to a sweet bar/club called Borracharia which is a tyre workshop by day and club by night. It was awesome, the walls are painted with artwork, and they have a DJ pumping out some samba and house music. A cab back to the hostel cost about R$15. We saw a dude rock out with a zimmer frame at the club – WTF.

Bam’in at Borracharia

The next day I went to the beach (Porto da Barra)  with the same friends and it was crowded and the beach was shrinking due to crazy super moon tides!

Beach time… again

The next evening (Sat) I went to Rio Vermelho, where the bars are and drank at a stall in the park and went back to the same club as before. Ah well.
Sunday night I took it easy, and explored Pelourinho on the next day. I hung out where Michel Jackson filmed his clip to “They don’t care about us”, it was pretty cool.
Tuesday night was the best night, in Pelourinho you go to the party and it is awesome! Wicked music and awesome people. The whole hostel came out! It was fantastic, best street party I’ve seen so far!

Jamin at the tuesday street party


The great elevator that takes you from the top to the bottom at Pelourinho.


Somewhere near to Salvador

Salvador, you rock. I’ll be back! (Better than Rio.. what?)

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