San Pedro de Atacama – Chile

Rocks! Lots of them. The pass from Argentina to Chile is high and the border crossing is an odd one. The bus leaves early in the morning from Salta, and crosses the border after about 7 hours or so. You stamp out of Argentina and do another couple of hours in no mans land before arriving at San Pedro where you stamp in at immigration in town.

Hostel Mamut

We checked into a sweet hostel called Maumt (CHP5000 / night). Another good decision, back packer logic is getting better! We stayed there nights and immediately booked onto 3 tours. (tours – CHP$24,000)

Worlds highest Geysers mate

The first was a freezing cold trip out to see the worlds highest geysers. You wake up at 4am and drive out for sunrise. One of the English chicks forgets to change the time on her phone and wakes us up an hour early. Tip – change the time zone from Argy.
The geysers were pretty cool, and the thermal springs were pretty warm – yeah see what I did here? About -7C so pack ya warmest singlet.

Thermal springs

Later in the arvo we toured the lakes. All pretty cool and worth while. We all had a float around in this amazingly salty pond & got some great pics of the sunset while drinking pisco sour.


Lake time

Desert reflections

The next day we toured moon valley. That was pretty sweet too… in fact San Pedro is a great stop over.

Salt mountain, not a great place to be during rain!

Part of Moon Valley

The town is very tourist orientated but it’s nice. Even the ATM’s have a siesta in the Arvo. Plan you cash supply.

streets of San Pedro de Atacama

We organised a tour through Coique in the afternoon after touring all the agents, booked onto a tour for CHP$65,000 each. We then bought about 999999 litres of water for the trip and some food. After we rewarded ourselves with an awesome dinner at Adobe restaurant. Salmon in the desert, sweet option!
The next day we were picked up and whisked away to the border to commence the tour to Ununyi.

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