School almost over!

yay school is almost over!!!

We still suck at Spanish but now we have a few verbs up our sleeves and can conjugate in first tense. yay. Can even bust out a little future tense but definitely no dwelling in the past!

In case you don’t know, Spanish has verb conjurations for he/she/we/you/they times by four tenses plus a few conditional tenses and you have 99999999 verb conjugations to remember.


Tigre is a town at the end of the train line north of BA in Argentina. It’s pretty cool, its on the river delta, and has 10 billion boats. We decided to go on the long weekend, and the place was absolutely packed by porteños getting out of town for the weekend.

We managed to get on a boat tour and see the islands. It was absolute madness.

Tigre submarine

Our tour boat

La Boca vs All Boys
La Boca is the winning futbul team here in Argentina, and is like the Eagles of the AFL. They played so well that they didn’t even need bother to show up to the last game to win the season. They are way better than River Plate who have been dropped from the 1st Division… Barker.

Emergency flares

So since we could only have tickets in the “away” grandstand we were the most crazy supports for the All boys, who are like Gold Coast in AFL and dress in Collingwood colours. Anyway it was choice, only had to go through nine Police checks to get in. Didn’t see anyone get stabbed, and La Boca won, 1 – nill.

Go Collingwood…. I mean All Boys!

La Bomba del Tiempo

So being the massive percussion fans we are, we decided to rock out La Bomba, which is like a gig especially for Adam Nankin. It consists of many percussion instruments and one conductor that adds and removes instruments, changes the beat etc. It was pretty cool to see, and sounded awesome. Recommend it. Since we had such a good time there, we decided to rendezvous back at the hostel and go out on the town with our mates. We hit the Fernet pretty hard that night and didn’t make it home to daylight.  I (Richard) only woke up an hour before my 2:30pm Spanish class.

Adam Nankin

La Bomba del Tiempo

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