Stocking up

I love cooking food and traveling has been an experience – trying to make great food in limited environments such as hostel kitchens. I found it best to adopt the local flavours as I traveled as cooking Gringo style cooking attracts a price premium and and supply and quality problems.

Anyway I wanted to discuss a simple thing I’ve been doing now I’m living in my apartment which can add cheap flavour to your food.

I love cooking with stock, and I hate wasting food. We used to feed our scraps to the chickens when I was growing up but now I have another simple use for scraps and making simple delicious stock.

Save food scraps such as:

  • peelings from garlic, onion, potatoes etc.
  • cutoffs from any vegetable including tomatoes.
  • rind from lemon or citrus fruits

Chuck them into a pot with some water and salt and boil slowly. I usually boil it for a little while, then let it cool. I might do this a couple of times, sometimes adding more scraps as I go. It might sit on the stovetop for a couple of days when the weather is cool enough.


Creating some stock.


When it looks dark enough stain the liquid and refrigerate or freeze. Don’t forget to taste it. Always taste your ingredients as you cook – with the exception of raw meat – lets not go crazy.

IMG_3361_E Using the stock to start a pumpkin soups. Easy.

In the above example, I added hot water to the tray I roasted chicken and veggies on, and added that to the scrapes to produce stock. Add anything that is not burned (carcinogenic / nasty flavour) and you think could add a nice flavour.


the vegetable scraps made stock which was added to make the gravy.


Now you have awesome cheap stock. Add it to everything.

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