The Inca trial and Sacred Valley

  • SAS Travel Peru
  • USD$580 per person!!!
  • 4 days / 3 nights

The famous Inca trail… is awesome, despite being a complete tourist trap and absolute rip off. I used SAS ( for the trip and the price of US$580 per person. Extremely expensive given the prices of Peru. As expected the company provided excellent service and the guide was awesome and entertaining and a total champ.

If I was to do this again, I’d save my pennies and do the Salkantay trip, which is much more cost effective and you finish at Machu Picchu and see great stuff too.

After the trekking in the South of the continent, the Inca trail is relatively easy, you can gay out and hire porters to carry your kit, but since they already carry carry almost everything anyway, you just need to carry your own sleeping bad and clothes which is easy. The treck isn’t that hard, but you will need to cross a peak of 4,200m which is a little breathtaking.

I was sick leading up to the trek and had a chest infection which was reducing my capacity to be awesome. Before that I had a fever for a few days and was generally in less than average health.

I commenced the trek in relative comfort but then I released that only being able to breathe in half as much air as usual sucked at 4000m, but I made it and didn’t die.

Day 1 (9th July 2012) with SAS:


Early bus ride.

Early start – I had to walk down to the SAS busses. You pass through Ollantaytambo on the way to Piscacucho. Here you commence the hike with 999999 other tourists. Check-in to the trail is slow and annoying but once you hit the track things are sweet. I gave some of my food to the kids around the start point. They looked more hungry than me.

Inca trek start

Before the check-in

The start of the treck was easy and we were supplied an amazing lunch by the hardened porters and chefs. Best ceveche I had! In fact the food was mind blowing. The second half of the trek is where I realized that my poor health was going to slow me down.

P1060326another view yay.

Day 2 (10th July 2012) with SAS:
This was the hike up the mountain – to dead woman’s pass. Possibility the hardest day. Did I mention it was absolutely freezing at night, I was coughing and coughing. The end of this day I was dying.


A group shot at the top of Dead Woman

Day 3 (11th July 2012) with SAS:

The porters were amazing, they’d carry so much weight, and power past the tourists and set up camp before we arrived.

SAS team

The team


me, being awesome of course!

My self subscribed antibiotics started kicking in, and I started to feel better towards the last day. I was smashing vitamin C like no tomorrow.

Day 4 (12th July 2012) with SAS:

The main event! A very early start and we legged it out to Machu Picchu only to be held up by slower hikers in front. Our guide was giving them a hard time, it was hilarious but they wouldn’t let us pass. We got to the steps, where you have to climb and it hurts a little. There was a woman bawling her eyes out on the climb, it was absolutely bizarre

After the climb you arrive at Sun Gate for the first peak at Machu Picchu.

Here are some pics:


Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu

IMG_1523Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu

IMG_1539Machu Picchu

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