Weekender to Rosario

As it was a long weekend here and we decided to rock out to Rosario.

Saturday 26th November 2011

On Saturday we bused it out to Rosario with a friend named Adi who we met at the Israeli hostel. With Adi’s Jewish powers we managed to get a bus for AR$80 / AUD$20 each. We departed at 1pm and managed to get a few blocks down the road but there was something wrong with the bus aircon and they couldn’t fix it. After jump starting the bus they dropped us back at the starting terminal. So this was an hour after we were to depart but luckily they managed to get another bus for us and finally we were on our way.

Closer to Rosario our bus and a truck had a bit of a side swipe and the bus driver and another 10 people and 2 cops managed to sort it out on the side of the road. I didn’t see any punches thrown sadly.

“Choice wheels bro, can I touch it?”

Our hostel of choice was booked out so we stayed at another one close by. The price started at AR$80 but some how dropped down to AR$60, maybe Adi’s special Jew Powers (Supermercado!!). We checked in at the same time as some other Argentinians and they told us later they said we were all together and so we could all get a better price. Sweet.

Lesson learned though: Check the bathrooms before we agree to stay. They were ass.

We checked into a 8 bed dorm, which was dominated by Argentinian chicks which we later found out were on a hens night. We smashed the town in the arvo / evening walking along the river which was quite charming and checked out a show in the monument. Actually Rosario is quite pretty, I was impressed.

Rosario is known for having very pretty women. No joke.

The girls (Channy and Adi) went to bed early (midnight), and I was dragged into a few conversations with the other inmates and managed to get to bed by 2am, feeling guilty about going to bed so early however. I made friends with a couple or Argentinian dudes who agreed to meet us at 9am even though they were on their way to party in town. I thought that wouldn’t happen but alas they were ready in the morning. I also was invited to drink wine and an energy drink mixture with some other lads. They tried to drag me out too. Gee it’s a tough life.

Word! free concert

Sunday 27th November 2011

With our new friends and their shiny car we managed to smash out some sites in Rosario. We took a swim in the river at Florida beach (AR$9 to enter) and managed to get sunburnt to fuck. We ate some dead fish and bought some food from the supermarket for dinner – oh that and 10 litres of beer, a bottle of Fernet and two bottles of wine, and a chocolate milk for “now”. We were planning to go to this inter-hostel party which started at 1am so we needed to be prepared to see the night through.

Statue bro!

tastes like chicken


Hostel hostel

look at my horse, my horse is amazing!

the stroll back from a night/morning on the town with the lads.

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  1. barker November 30, 2011 at 11:19 pm #

    Richie, are you gonig to grow your beard out and not shave for the duration of the trip??? that be pretty awesome….

    • rich December 4, 2011 at 7:57 pm #


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